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Parts Counting Scales

Why count parts by hand? It is boring, time consuming and consistently prone to human error. The our new ECS Series counting scales is the answer. They offer efficiency and elimination of high labor cost. The counting scale pays for itself in no time. We offer ECS Counting Scales, Adamlab CBC Counting Scales, A&D HC-i Parts Counting Scales, Myweigh CTS, Ohaus and Sartorius CB parts counting scales. When the parts start to become very small (lighter than say the weight of a #1 Standard Paper Clip which weighs approximately 0.4 grams) we recommend a precision balance with the parts counting feature like the Sartorius CPA or ED Series to achieve a more precise count for small parts.

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600 g x 0.01 g $259.77
60 g x 0.1 mg $999.51