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1475T Pocket Scale

1475T Pocket Scale

500 g x 1 g

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Availability: Call for availability

MSRP: $145.00

YOU PAY: $145.00

Quick Overview

1475T digital pocket scale has 500 gram weighing capacity, reads to 1 gram, and fits easily into your pocket.

Product Description

The price really isn't $999 we just do not have any more inventory of the Tanita® 1475T.  When the pocket scale was in production we sold it for $80.00.

Tanita® has discontinued the Tanita® 1210-50, 1210-100, 1212, 1220, 1471, 1475G, 1475Z, 1477, and 7020 mini scales.

Tanita® has priced them out of the market basically in our opinion by stubbing their nose at the most important customer -YOU.  Any economics course teaches the marketplace dictates price, but Tanita® Corporation thinks otherwise.  Typical companies are responsive to competition, but again Tanita® Corporation thinks otherwise.

China and Taiwan have entered the market for pocket scales and the market price for a mini pocket scale is now $25 to a maximum of $70 depending on the model and features.  Tanita® basically feels they build the best mini scale and people will pay a exorbitant premium for their scales.

In our opinion, Tanita® is fooling themselves since the Asia markets are building excellent quality scales and they are much more stylish and functional than the Tanita® line.  Case in point is the MyWeigh Palm 5.0 or 6.0.

Five years ago Tanita® was the only name in pocket scales and you would pay $90 to $200 for their pocket scales.  Today the consumer has dictated the market and we have seen an avalanche and plummet for the demand of Tanita® mini scales.  MyWeigh, Toyo, Ohaus and Acculab are the brands we hear people requesting.

We now only offer the Tanita® 1479V, 1479S, 1481 and KP102 which are all made in Japan and we are selling them at ridiculously low prices compared to what we had to pay Tanita® for these scales.

The information below is for reference only to assist people researching an old Tanita® model they might have.  If you need parts or manuals on the discontinued model please call Tanita® directly at 847-640-9241 but be ready for sticker shock since Tanita® does not sell anything cheap.

Weighs in grams only.  Tanita's highest capacity pocket scale with 1200 gram capacity with readability to 1 gram.  Handy tray doubles as protective cover.  Popular for diabetics weigh food when they are on the road and away from home.  The tray makes cleaning a breeze after weighing food.

See the article submitted from a customer how they use the Tanita® Scales for "Counting Carbs to Control Diabetes".


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