AD-8920A Universal Remote Display

AD-8920A universal remote display works with any A&D product equipped with the RS-232 interface

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Instruction manual
AD-8920A is a remote display for displaying the weighing data transmitted by an AND Weighing manufactured weighing instrument, using either RS-232C or current loop. Features - Connects to A&D’s balances and scales using either RS-232C or current loop - Includes an AC adapter and a communication cable that matches your instrument - Recognizes the balance/scale baud setting automatically - Large and bright VFD display Required Options and Cables
Weighing instrumentUsing RS-232CUsing current loop
Option requiredCommunication cableOption requiredCommunication cable
AD-4212A/BNoneD-SUB25 cableNot applicable
EK-H, EK-HROP-03HD-SUB25 cableOP-05HDIN cable
EK-i, EW-iNoneD-SUB9 cableNot applicable
ET-W, ET-WROP-03WD-SUB25 cableOP-05WDIN cable
FC-iNoneD-SUB9 cableNot applicable
FGOP-03DIN cableOP-05DIN cable
FG-M/LOP-23DIN cableNot applicable
FSOP-03DIN cableNot applicable
FX-i, FX-CT, FX-GD,FXi-WP, FZ-iNoneD-SUB9 cableNot applicable
GH, HR-300i/202iNoneD-SUB9 cableNot applicable
GRNoneD-SUB25 cableNot applicable
GX, GX-R, GF,GX-K, GX-KR, GF-K, GP, GP-R None D-SUB25 cable OP-04orOP-06 DIN cable
HC-i OP-03 DIN cable Not applicable
HR-200/120/60 OP-03 D-SUB25 cable OP-03 or OP-05 DIN cable
HV-G/HW-G None DIN cable Not applicable
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand AND
Capacity x Readability No
Capacity x Readability (dual range) No
Readability No
Readability 2 No
Weight Modes No
Functions No
Features No
Legal for Trade N/A
Construction No
Calibration No
Communication No
Platform size (inches) No
Power Requirements No
Manufacturer Warranty (years) No
Additional info No

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What's included
AD-8920A main unit
AC adapter
Instruction manual