Acculab ALC3100.2 laboratory balance

3100 g x 0.01 g

Acculab ALC3100.2 digital lab balance has 3100 gram weighing capacity with 0.01 readability and 6 inch diameter weigh pan. Double lever system weigh cell provides superb weighing results.

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Acculab ALC3100.2 Laboratory Balance Acculab ALC Precision Lab Balances are the best balances on the market today in our opinion since nothing compares when you look at "what you get" for "what you pay".  This precision toploading balance (3100g x 0.01g) with a large 6 inch diameter stainless steel weighing pan is priced aggressive to devour the market share of the other balance manufacturers.  This balance's weighcell is a Double Lever System (DLS), Electromagnetic Force Compensation for the best weighing performance technology offers. 

This patented weigh cell is cut from a single block of a special, highly rugged aluminum alloy using high-speed 21st century milling technology.  The double lever principle offers two decisive advantages: the design in the area of the pan linkage is highly resistant to mechanical stress and therefore has exceptionally high mechanical stability, and the system allows for a smaller footprint.  Cut from a single block of aluminum there are no screw fasteners needed between functional parts.  This keeps the system less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, and with fewer parts there is less chance of failure.

DLS offers unbeatable advantages for daily use like incredibly fast response time and unfailing reliability and near-zero susceptibility to interference.  The reasons for these considerable advantages are two fold: the number of individual parts has been reduced by more than 70% and the mechanical construction has been designed to last for years of trouble-free operations.

Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or educational applications and a snap to operate.  Convenient, fast and ready to use the moment you plug the balance in the receptacle wall.  Easy to use five button operation includes a simple and concise user manual that takes minutes to reads verses competitive brands that offers user manuals that are more like encyclopedias.  You purchase a balance to perform a task and the simpler the manual is written the more efficient and effective the balance will be to your company.

Acculab is a division of the Sartorius group - engineers of the most accurate balance in the world.  The ALC Lab Series offers a new innovative design to the legacy AL Series and is turning the weighing industry on their heads.  Multiple weigh mode, lightening fast stabilization time, standard RS-232 interface for printer of PC communication, simple to use.  Add it all up and the math is simple - the aggressive pricing makes the Acculab ALC the only choice especially for the price conscience educational marketplace.

When it comes to buying the next balance for your classroom the writing is on the wall - Acculab, Acculab, Acculab.

Acculab balances are designed and manufactured to the high accuracy standard of the Sartorius Group to ensure performance in a multitude of weighing applications.  Weigh the Quality in the ALC Acculab precision Balance Today and you'll never look at another brand again.

All Acculab Vicons and Acculab ALC Analytical and Precision ALC Lab Balances are manufactured in Arvada, Colorado is your connection to the best weighing device in the world and always at deep discount prices.

If you are a jeweler or pawn shop and were told by a Weights & Measures Inspector that you need a Legal for Trade Class II Scale the Acculab ALC 3100.2 is NOT Legal for Trade and we recommend you purchase the Mettler-Toledo JB3002-GA-F precision balance.  The Mettler-Toledo JB3002-GA-F is made in Switzerland and features 3100 grams maximum weighing capacity and increments in 0.01 gram divisions.  This Mettler Balance also offers FACT (Fully Automatic Calibration Technology), which automatically initiates the internal adjustment of Mettler balance whenever temperature changes risk affecting the accuracy of your weighing results.

3100 g x 0.01 g
±0.01 g
±0.02 g
Corner Load
± 0.04 g
Weigh Cell
Electromagnetic Force Compensation using Monolithic Double Lever System
Tare Range
Full to Capacity
Stabilization Time
2 seconds
Application Modes
Mass unit conversion, Counting, Percent weighing, Averaging, Unit Toggle
Weighing Modes
Grams, Pounds, Pounds:Ounces, Ounces, Grains, Parts per pound, Milligrams, Carats, Pennyweight, Troy ounces, Taiwanese Taels, Hong Kong Taels, Singapore Taels, Chinese Taels, Mommes, Austrian Carats, Tola, Baht, Mesghal
Adaptation to Ambient Conditions
By selection of 1 of 4 optimized filter settings
Display Type
Display Update
0.2-0.8 seconds
Data Communication
Bi-directional RS-232 interface (standard)
Overload Protection
Overload Indication
Display "H"
Underload Indication
Display "L"
Operating Temperature
50°F to 86°F / 10°C to 30°C
Allowable Ambient Operating Temperature
41°F to 104°F / 5°C to 40°C
External Auto calibration
Cal mass NOT included
2000 g
AC Adapter Only
Pan Size
6" Ø / 150 Ø mm round stainless steel pan
Weighing Chamber Height
All 0.01g and 0.1g balances do not require a windshield or draftshield
Standard Equipment
AC Adapter, RS232 Interface, User Manual
Optional Accessories
Calibration weights, Universal Specific Gravity Kit, RS232 Interface Cable, USB kit
7.9" x 10.6" x 2.9"
What's included
AC Adapter
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Acculab
Capacity x Readability 3100 g x 0.01 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces, KiloGrams
Functions Parts per pound, Percent weighing, Averaging
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction ABS Plastic Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, Magnetic Force Restoration Weigh Sensor
Calibration External - requires purchase of OPTIONAL 2000g calibration mass
Communication RS-232, Aftermarket DB9 RS-232 Adapter Converter with USB Cable can be purchased
Platform size (inches) 6.0 diameter
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 2
Additional info Operates on AC Adapter ONLY, four (4) adjustable leveling feet with sprint bubble indicator for easy setup.

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