AND AX: KO557A-200 rs232 printer cable

A&D AX: KO557A-200 rs232, 9 pin cable for connecting A&D dot matrix printer AD-1191 to FG-K, HW-G, or HV-G digital scales. Image is for reference only.

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A&D AX: KO557A-200 rs232, 9 pin cable for A&D dot matrix printer AD-1191. Image is for reference only.

This RS232 cable can be used only with the AD-1191 compact printer. This cable is for use with A&D scales equipped with the db9 9pin RS232 interface, FG-K digital bench scales, HV-G electronic industrial scales, and the HW-G digital floor scales.

Cable P/N

From A&D Series
(with RS-232C)
To A&D Series
(or other RS-232C


MS, MX, MF,HM, HR, GR, GX, GF, GX-K, GF-K, GP, EK-H, FP, HP, FC, HC, HD, SBR, AD-4322, AD-4325, AD-4328, AD-4329, AD-4401, AD-5000, AD-5100, AD-5200, AD-5300
AD-8118 Printer
6 ft.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand AND
Capacity x Readability No
Capacity x Readability (dual range) No
Readability No
Readability 2 No
Weight Modes No
Functions No
Features No
Legal for Trade N/A
Construction No
Calibration No
Communication No
Platform size (inches) No
Power Requirements No
Manufacturer Warranty (years) No
Additional info No

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