Prescription Scales

The requirements for balances and scales in specialty applications has changed over the years and A&D Weighing has modified the GF Series Laboratory Balance Series to meet the needs of the pharmacopoeia field.  The new GF-P Series Prescription Balances offer the same reliability as the GF-Series Lab Balance with additional embedded software conforming to US National Conference on Weighing & Measurement requirements for Class II balances - certified for both Weighing and Pill Counting for prescription filling.  A&D offers an extensive line of pharmacy weighing solutions which comply with most Federal, State and local USP Regulations.

Compounding prescriptions are achieved through an essential triad relationship — patient, physician and pharmacist.  The physician first prescribes the medication, then the pharmacist takes the necessary ingredients, compounds them, and dispenses the medicine to the patient after a thorough consultation.  This enables patients to receive the type of personalized care they deserve and allows pharmacists the opportunity to provide superior, patient-oriented services.

Quantity discounts are available for pharmacy chains purchasing multiple units (20 or more balances at a time) especially with the Sartorius GD503.

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    Scientech ZSP400NP pharmacy balance

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