Body Analyzer TBF-410GS

440 lb x 0.2 lb

Body Analyzer TBF-410GS

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TBF-410GS Body Composition Analyzer is intended for wellness centers and doctors' offices.  This is Tanita's only model that features an "All-in-One" column-mount design, making it perfect for use in small, dedicated spaces.  It features a 440 lb weight capacity, adult and athlete modes, "weight-only" function, printer, and port for computer interface.  Prints fat mass, fat %, total body water, BMR, and desirable ranges.  The TBF410GS also includes Goal Setter feature.

The Tanita TBF-410GS has a built in printer allow you to print fat mass, fat-free mass, fat %, total body water, raw impedance, BMR, and desirable ranges. 

Buyer beware many claim to be Authorized Tanita Dealer, but few companies on the internet actually are an Authorized Tanita Distributor since Tanita Corporation has changed their guidelines for Dealers/Distributors that resulted is many companies getting dropped.  If you don't buy from an Authorized Dealer/Distributor you may be jeopardizing your manufacturer's warranty and product support.  There have been cases of unscrupulous online vendors selling gray market units and we recommend that you call Tanita to verify who is an authorized and who is not so you don't get possibly ripped off.  Effective February 27, 2006, Tanita changed their policy and allow pricing online so don't believe any stories that prices can't be displayed online.

Precision Weighing Balances was one of the first companies to market the Tanita line on the internet.  We are an Authorized Tanita Distributor.

WARNING: Do not use the Tanita TBF-410GS body composition analyzer if you wear a pacemaker or other electronic medical device.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Tanita
Capacity x Readability 440 lb x 0.2 lb
Weight Modes Pounds, KiloGrams
Features RS-232c
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Communication no communication port
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included

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