CP16001S High Cap Scale

16000 g x 0.1 g

CP16001S High Cap Scale

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Sartorius CP16001S has been discontinued by Sartorius as of 7/1/2008 and replaced with the CPA16001S.

All CP High Capacity Series are true industrial balances with a IP-53 Rating - The first digit designation "5" means "Dust Protected.  Ingress of dust is not totally prevented, but dust does not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of the equipment.  The second digit "3" means protection against "sprayed water" ; "Spray water falling perpendicularly at an angle of up to 60-deg may not have any damaging effects".

Rugged, flexible and high performance are hallmarks of the Sartorius CP Series.  Rugged die cast aluminum alloy base construction with extra-large 15.7" x 11.8" stainless steel weighing platform to accommodate those weighing applications where you need a big weighing area for a bucket or large tray.  From the highway for weighing aggregate to the store room for weigh bulk chemicals the CP is ready to meet your weighing needs.  The fork lever weighing system is only found in the Sartorius CP Series High Capacity Toploading Balances providing dependable measurements.  The fork lever was computer designed with fewer moving parts yielding highly reproducible weighing results in practically any environment and long lasting.

Cutting edge design, loaded with features and built in Germany by Sartorius, a company synonymous for the finest precision weighing balances in the world.  Read more here and see close-up photos of the Sartorius CP16001S and additional models ranging from 12,000 - 34,000 x 0.1g here.

The new Sartorius CP generation of the field-proven Sartorius Competence series of laboratory balances, whose reliability has won over many users in their daily lab procedures, sets the standards yet again in technology, quality and features.

The combination of high-performance technological features in every CPA precision balance with a rugged, built-to-last design ensures the best possible accuracy in continuous laboratory use.

Every CPA precision balance has exactly the performance features that are required for fast and professional processing of weighing tasks, including four digital filter levels for adapting the balance to the place of installation, for example, and an RS-232C interface port for communication with a computer.

Built-in, user-friendly application programs provide valuable support for advanced requirements, such as weighing in percent, net-total formulation, animal weighing, mass unit conversion and counting.

Another similar model you should review is the Mettler-Toledo SB32001-GA precision balance.  Mettler Toledo SB32001-GA offers 32,100 grams weighing capacity with readability to 0.1g, large 13.7" x 9.1" weighing platform and NTEP Approved.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Sartorius
Capacity x Readability 16000 g x 0.1 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces, KiloGrams
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c

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