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Tanita 1583 digital infant scale

Tanita 1583 digital infant scale

10000 g x 10 g

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MSRP: $265.00

YOU PAY: $265.00

Quick Overview

Tanita 1583 digital infant scale has 20 kilogram weighing capacity and reads to 20 grams.

Product Description

Precision Weighing Balances was one of the first companies to market the Tanita® line on the internet..

If you can't afford the Tanita® infant scales since they are pricey and are unable to go any lower with the prices online we offer several alternative baby/infant scales not made by Tanita®.  The two models below represent the vast majority of our baby scale sales since they offer excellent value, performance and cost less than Tanita® 1583.  Please review the following models before you make your final decision.

My Weigh MBSC55 BabyScale [55 lb x 0.5oz] specifications offer readability by 0.5 over the entire weighing range verses the Tanita® 1583 is a dual range scale offering readability only up to 20 pounds with 0.5 ounces readability.  Plus the MBSC55 has a detachable weigh indicator and the scale operates on either AC adapter or battery.  The Tanita® 1583 operates on battery ONLY.  Here is the final clincher the MBSC55 cost less than the Tanita® 1583.  The MBS2010 is only $104.00 plus $17.50 S&H and has a Lifetime warranty.

Our second alternative is the Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1 [0-20 lb x 0.5 oz] [20-44 lb x 1 oz] with AC adapter for only $124.99 plus $15 S&H.  The BS1 has the same specs as the Tanita® 1583 but the display is an LED for easy viewing verses the 1583 is LCD.  Plus again the Tanita® 1583 operates on battery ONLY, while the Siltec BS1 operates on either AC adapter or battery.


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