Sartorius CPA26P Microbalance

5 g x 2 ug
5-21 g x 10 ug

Sartorius digital polyrange micro balance CPA26P. Laboratory scale for use in ashing, incineration, drying,and measurements of coatings.

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Sartorius is the choice for microbalance when the maximum in performance and resolution is needed. The CPA26P offers polyrange offering 0-5 grams weighing capacity with 2µg readability and 5-21 grams weighing capacity with 10µg readability. Sartorius also offers three additional models (MSA2.7S, MSA3.6P, and MSA6.6S) with even greater linearity.

The CPA26P is perfect for weighing of toxic, hygroscopic, or heavily oxidizing samples can be done in laminar flow boxes, glove boxes or under fume hoods. The differential weighing application can be used for lab procedures in ashing or incineration, drying, measurement of coatings, checking spillage quantities, etc. Complete calibration, adjustment and documentation routines for monitoring test and measuring equipment when integrated into a quality system.

When you really have a weighing application there really is only one manufacturer to consider - SARTORIUS. Sartorius is a German company and maker of some of the world's finest balances since 1871 when they introduced the world's first pharmaceutical balance. Only Sartorius shatters the limits when "the Guinness Book of World Records" listed the Sartorius Model 4108 as the most accurate balance in the world. Sartorius has been proving their trustworthiness thanks to their top-of-the-line technology that ensures maximum accuracy. Sartorius products are manufactured with ISO9001 standards and have the CE mark. Sartorius' excellent reputation and image in the technologically sophisticated field of weighing balances make them a global leader.

Sartorius typically has no inventory so it is probably best that you call us prior to placing an order so we can check if there is stock. Sartorius is experiencing excessive lead times due to lack of parts. If there is no stock we can offer you equivalent balances from other manufacturers which are in stock. Sartorius typically gives us lead times of two to three weeks, but many times these lead times extend to 2 to 3 months.  If you can work with these lead times place the order on line, but if you cannot work with these lead times it is best to call us and we can tell you what is in stock.

Precision Weighing Balances created our own customer appreciation promotional offer enabling our customers the ability to buy the YDP20-0CE Data Printer at a special price when you purchase the CPA26P. The MSRP is $1095 for the printer, but when you purchase it with the CPA26P we'll sell you the printer for $799.00. If you don't need the printer how about WinWedge 32 Standard Software with YCC05-001M2 serial cable for $359.

See the full line of Sartorius CPA series balances here. Sartorius Micro Balances are made to order in Germany with a typical lead time of 6-8 weeks. If you can work with these lead times place the order on line, but if you cannot work with these lead times it is best to call us at 978-521-7095 and we can discuss your weighing application and requirements and offer you alternative models that are in stock. The Sartorius Secura and Quintix semi microbalances are amazing. In the YouTube video above you will see the Sartorius Secura225D-1S semi microbalance [0-120g x 0.01mg] [120-220g x 0.1mg]. We highlight the intuitive operation using the SmartTouch user interface that is so easy to use you'll probably never need to reference the user manual. We also demonstrate the ergonomic draftshield and show how easy it is to dismantle the balance for easy cleaning.
Also you'll get a close up view of the new "collection container". The collection container is designed to keep the spill from entering the lab balance that could cause potential damage to the balance. Sartorius' revolutionary "collection container" features a rimmed design to keep the spill from entering if you happen to spill any liquid or granular samples while weighing.
If the Secura225D-1S is more balance than you need for your weighing application then be sure to see the Secura 125-1S, Sartorius Quintix125D-1S or Sartorius Quintix65-1S. Sartorius is our #1 selling laboratory weighing balances since they are the leaders in building high quality weighing instruments.

Capacity x Readability
(grams x µg)
0 - 5 g x 2 µg / 5 - 21 g x 10 µg
Repeatability, micrograms
± 4 µg
Linearity, micrograms ± 8 µg
Response Time (avg) 10 seconds
Tare Range -21 g
Operating Temperature 10°C to 30°C / (50°F to 86°F)
Sensitivity Drift
± 1 ppm / °C
Pan Size (mm / in) ø 50 mm / 1.97 in
Draft Shield Ht(mm / in) 162 mm / 6.4 in
Balance Dimensions
(W x D x H)
213 x 342 x 270 mm / 8.4" x 13.5" x 10.6"
Dimensions (WxDxH)
w/ draftshield removed
213 x 342 x 90 mm / 8.4" x 13.5" x 3.54"
Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS
Built-in Interface

RS-232 - Optional USB adapter cable is available

Selectable Application Programs Mass unit conversion by toggling, net total, weighing in percent, counting
Internal Calibration isoCAL - Motorized Internal Calibration
External Calibration 20 gram (E2)
Power Source

AC Adapter 120 VAC

Standard Equipment

120V AC Adapter, Motorized internal calibration, RS-232, Manual

Optional Accessories

Printer, RS-232 cable, USB adapter cable, Rechargeable external battery pack, WinWedge data transfer software, Balance table

What's included
AC Adapter
RS-232 interface
User Manual
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Sartorius
Capacity x Readability 5 g x 2 ug<br>5-21 g x 10 ug
Capacity x Readability (dual range) 5-21 g x 10 ug
Readability 0.000001 g
Readability 2 0.00001 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces, KiloGrams
Functions Averaging, Formulation, Percent Weighing
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c, Internal Calibration
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction Solid Diecast Metal Base Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, Magnetic Force Motor Monolithic Weigh Cell
Calibration Motorized automatic internal calibration
Communication RS-232, Aftermarket DB9 RS-232 Adapter Converter with USB Cable can be purchased
Platform size (inches) 2.0 diameter
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 2
Additional info Adjustable fine range from 5 g with 2ug readability and a maximum capacity of 21 g

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