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Tanita 1582 versatile medical scale

Tanita 1582 versatile medical scale

14000 g x 20 g

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Availability: Discontinued

MSRP: $370.00

YOU PAY: $370.00

Quick Overview

Tanita 1582 digital medical scale can weigh babies in one mode and adults in another. In baby mode it has 14 kilogram weighing capacity and reads to 20 grams. In adult mode it has 100 kilogram weighing capacity and reads to 100 grams.

Product Description

Tanita 1582 baby scale is perfect for healthcare professionals who visit their clients at the patient's home since one scale can weigh babies and infants up to 30 lbs. with readability in 1 ounce intervals.  Simply by depressing a button the infant basket can be removed and the scale can weigh patients up to 300 lbs with accuracy of 0.2 lbs and patients up to 250 pounds and for clients 250 to 300 pounds the readability lowers to 0.5 pound increments.  With the infant basket removed the 1582's dimensions are 10-7/8" x 13-1/4" x 2-1/4" providing a large enough platform surface area to comfortably accommodate most patient's feet comfortably.  Like all the Tanita® digital baby scales the 1582 also weighs in kilograms at a press on the button and operates on battery power ONLY.

Buyer beware many claim to be Authorized Tanita® Dealer, but few companies on the internet actually are an Authorized Tanita® Distributor since Tanita Corporation has changed their guidelines for Dealers/Distributors that resulted is many companies getting dropped.  If you don't buy from an Authorized Dealer/Distributor you may be jeopardizing your manufacturer's warranty and product support.  There have been cases of unscrupulous online vendors selling gray market units and we recommend that you call Tanita® to verify who is an authorized and who is not so you don't get possibly ripped off.  Effective February 27, 2006, Tanita® changed their policy and allow pricing online so don't believe any stories that prices can't be displayed online.

Precision Weighing Balances was one of the first companies to market the Tanita® line on the internet.  We are an Authorized Tanita® Distributor and we have a shipping & handling of $15.00 for any model Tanita® baby scale delivered in the continuous 48 states of the USA

If you can't afford the Tanita® infant scales since they are pricy we offer several alternative baby/infant scales not made by Tanita®.  The two models below represent the vast majority of our baby scale sales since they offer excellent value and performance and cost less than Tanita.  Please review the following models before you make your final decision. My Weigh MBS2010 BabyScale [40 lb x 0.5oz] with AC adapter for only $88.00 plus $15 S&H and has a Lifetime warranty.  Siltec Electronic Baby Weighing Scale BS1 [0-20 lb x 0.5 oz] [20-44 lb x 1 oz] with AC adapter for only $124.99 plus $15 S&H

Both the MBS2010 & BS1 baby scale operate on either AC Adapter or battery.


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