Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzer (Replaces MB45) 4.3" TFT color touchscreen display moisture balance has a capacity of 120 grams with a readability of 1 milligram or 0.01%, temperature range of 40°C-230°C and a pan size of 3.5 inches. The MB120's halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process delivering fast and precise measurements. Store up to 100 drying methods for easy recall and up to 1000 total results for statistical analysis.

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Ohaus MB120 moisture balance brochure
Ohaus MB120 User Manual
Ohaus MB120 & MB90 moisture analyzer brochure
MB120 moisture analyzer quick start guide
Ohaus MB120 moisture analyzer is simple and powerful. 120 grams maximum weighing capacity with a readability of 1 milligram and you can set your drying temperature range from 40°C-230°C. Uniform drying for precise, repeatable results of 0.01% readability.

Ohaus moisture analyzers are used in the laboratory or even the factory production floor to monitor moisture content. Delivering functionality and precision you can rely on the Ohaus MB120 moisture balance is so easy to operate and clean, you can test more samples in less time!

If you already own the MB120 moisture balance we sell the disposable moisture pans and filter pads.

The Ohaus MB120 Moisture Analyzer can be used to determine the moisture content of practically any substance. The instrument operates on the thermogravimetric principle: At the start of the measurement, the Moisture Analyzer determines the weight of the sample; the sample is then quickly heated by the integral halogen dryer unit and moisture vaporizes. During the drying operation, the instrument continuously determines the weight of the sample and displays the result. On completion of drying, result is displayed as % moisture content, % solids, weight or % regain.

Standard Features Include:

  • Advanced Functionality for Professional Moisture Analysis - MB120's Temperature Guide analyzes a sample and determines the optimal drying temperature. Store up to 100 drying methods for easy recall and up to 1000 total results for statistical analysis.
  • Precise and Fast Results with Halogen Heating Increases Efficiency in the Lab - Precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples uniformly, producing repeatable results of 0.01% readability. Four drying profiles and seven shut-off criteria help to perform customized sample tests.
  • Easy Tool-Free Cleaning and Intuitive Operation with the Icon-Driven Menu Navigation - The MB120 features a removable pan handler and sample chamber for easy cleaning. Operating the MB120 is intuitive - simply follow the guided instructions on the touchscreen display. The robust housing and die-cast base guarantee durability.
Advanced Functionality:

  • Temperature Guide - Ohaus MB120 you can easily analyze a sample of a specific material and determine the optimum drying temperature.
  • 100 Methods Library Makes Testing Faster - Only with the MB120 can you Program the parameters for up to 100 different types of samples, then select and run your test with the push of a button.
  • Store Up to 1000 Results with the Ohaus MB120 for All Methods for Statistical Analysis - Quickly retrieve data and save to flash drive.
  • Three-Level User Management only available with the Ohaus MB120 - Set up and lock temperature settings and method parameters with admin access, so users can't modify settings

Watch our youtube video on the Sartorius MA35 and how filter and weighing pans are used.

Watch this video above as we highlight in this video the differences between the MA37 and MA160 since briefly looking at the units they seem the same but there are major differences.

So both the MA37 and MA160 deliver readability to 1 milligram. The average repeatability is ± 0.2% when you are using an initial sample weighing from 1-5 grams and when using a initial sample greater than 5 grams the repeatability is 0.05%. We always recommend a sample at least 5 grams since anything smaller is typically difficult to attain a good representative sample. Neither unit is recommended for plastic resin applications.

So what are the differences??

Although the infrared heating element looks similar the MA37 maximum output is 480W while the MA160 is 600W. More watts shortens time to attain temperature setting. The heating elements differ from a different alloy mix for the metal tubular heating element and Sartorius calls the MA160 element AURI.
MA37 has only the ability to save one (1) method while the MA160 can save up to 100 methods.

MA160 comes with "Sample Tongs" while it is an accessory for the MA37.
MA160 includes 3 ReproEasy Pads while no pads are included with the MA37. The ReproEasy Pads are used to verify the moisture analyzer is functioning within manufacturer specifications. The pad is a onetime use consumable item and additional pads are sold in packages of 10 pads. We recommend you download the user manual and reference the section "MA Performance Test" to learn more about this test feature available on both the MA37 and MA160. This is a great alternative to testing your moisture analyzer against sodium tartrate dihyrate. Using sodium tartrate dihyrate requires you to operate at 160C to release the chemically bonded two water molecules from Sodium Tartrate. The ReproEasy Pad you can run a performance test at 70C, 100C or 130C whichever temperature is closer to your actual sample you test normally.

The MA160 has a SD memory card slot verses the MA37 just has a dummy slot. You can import/export methods to the SD card. This is a nice feature for companies that implement "build alike" or create SOP implemented globally throughout their plants. One plant can develop the method for each different sample, download those methods to the SD card and the e-mail the file to other plants where they can copy the file to the SD card and then import them into the MA160 located in other locations. In the "Calibration Report" menu you can access the most recent calibration reports for the MA Performance Tests and external calibration adjustments up to 99 reports are saved per day. Calibration reports older than 30 days are automatically deleted. Again this information can be downloaded to the SD Card and the file e-mailed to the quality control or regulatory officer to meet compliance reporting requirements.

Another benefit purchasing the MA160 because it has the SD card is the "Results" menu. The analysis results can be viewed, exported or deleted. If you export the data to the SD card it is saved as an XML file and can be viewed with a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. This is a great feature especially for paperless operations or if you need to print results and don't have a Sartorius YDP30 or YDP40 printer. All you need to do is save results to the SD card, open the file on your PC within a web browser and use the printer connected to your computer.

I would say the greatest feature the MA160 has that isn't available on the MA37 is "Method Assistant". Method Assistant helps you develop and refine methods in 3 easy steps. Its quick and ensures that all relevant parameters have been included for your moisture determination test. The Assistant prompts you to configure all relevant parameters, provides a practical range and prevents you entering implausible data. If you are running lots of different samples and not sure on the optimum temperature, whether you should use filter pad(s) The intuitive wizard asks you whether your sample consistency is a solid, fluid or paste. Method Assistant even asks if the sample is organic, inorganic or unknown.

Finally there is a "Protective Mode" menu that is only available on the MA160. This allows you to password protect the MA160 moisture analyzer to ensure only authorized persons can make changes to the system settings.
Capacity X Readability (g)
120 x 0.001
Capacity X Readability (%)
Repeatability (Std. Dev.) (g)
0.05% (3 g sample)
0.015% (10 g sample)
Moisture Range
0.01% to 100%
(0.01% to 1000% for regain mode
RS232, USB Host, USB Device
Heating Element
Temperature Range
40–230 °C
120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range
50–104 °F/10–40 °C
Display Type
4.3 in/109 mm, QVGA, TFT touch screen
Display Results
%moisture, %solids, %regain, time, temperature, weight, method name, drying curve and statistics
Pan Size
3.5 in/90 mm
Dimensions (W × H × D)
8.3 × 7.7 × 14.0 in/211 × 180 × 355 mm
Net Weight
11.5 lb/5.23 kg
Shipping Weight
18.4 lb/8.35 kg

ABS top housing, stainless steel pan support, in-use cover, storage up to 100 methods and 1000 test results for each method, user-guide, 13 operational languages
What's included
MB120 Moisture Balance
1 Box, Aluminum sample pans
1 Pan support
1 Glass fiber Pad
1 Draft shield
1 Tray Pan
1 Power cable
1 Pan Handle
1 Spoon
1 Quick Guide
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Ohaus
Weight Modes Grams
Functions %moisture, %solids, %regain, time, temperature, weight, method name, drying curve and statistics
Features RS-232c, USB
Calibration Calibration requires the purchase of an optional 50 gram class 1 weights
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 2

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