AND EJ1500 Compact weighing scale

1500 g x 0.1 g

EJ1500 compact balance 1500 grams weighing capacity with readability to 0.1g operates on AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. Weigh pan dimensions: 5 x 5.5 inches.

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EJ-1500 Instruction Manual
EJ-1500 Product Brochure
EJ1500 compact scale runs on an AC adapter (included) or with 4 AA batteries (not included) making this the ideal school balance for the classroom or field use weighing. An easy to read LCD display with back light allows a quick reading of weight measurements at a glance.

The rectangular stainless steel weighing platform measures 5 inches by 5.5 inches. The A&D Weighing EJ1500 scale weighing functions include parts counting, percentage weighing and a comparator function. Optional RS232C serial interface can be connected with a printer or personal computer, and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data can be obtained. Optional USB interface is available to connect with a personal computer easily.

Other features include:

* Percentage weighing and parts counting
* USB or RS-232 interface optional interface
* Full digital calibration
* Underhook weighing
* Specific Gravity function
* Check-weighing capability
* Fast - 1 second weighing results
* 5 year warranty

A key selling point of the EJ1500 over A&D EK2000i is the digital scale operates on standard batteries that you can purchase in any store, while the EKi requires the purchase of A&D Weighing's expensive rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

The LCD backlight will turn on when the weight value changes more than 4d (4 x min. display division - 4 x 0.1g = 0.4g) or any key operation is done. When the weight data becomes and stays stable for some moment, the backlight will automatically turn off. There is also a setting that the backlight is always on or off.

The EJ digital scales can stack on top of another when not in use. Do not stack more than 3 units.

It is possible to have the Auto-power off function to switch the scale OFF, if zero is displayed for approximately 5 minutes.

The most common unit of weight used around the world is the gram, but there is often a need to shift to alternative units specific to the country where the digital scale is used or to select weighing applications such as counting or percent. It is possible to store only the units that will be actually used from the units available. It is also possible to specify the display unit that will be shown first when the power is switched ON.

The range for power-on zero is within ±10% of the weighing capacity around the calibrated zero point. If the power is switched ON while there is a load beyond this range, the balance will be tared to zero and the NET indicator and the ZERO indicator turn on.

Weighing equipment - The world runs on weights & measures. Almost everything you see & touch is weighed.

In this video we offer an overview of the A&D Weighing EK6100J (6000g x 0.1g) and EK610J (600g x 0.01g).

The entire EJ Series are "non-NTEP" while the EK-J are "NTEP Approved 6000d Class II Scales". If you are needing a scale for commercial weighing where goods are being bought or sold by weight none of the EJ Series are Legal for Trade and we recommend you consider the EK-6100J

The optional EJ-12 hard shell transport case features die cut foam specifically designed for holding AND Weighing EK and EJ Series digital scales. This carrying scale is convenient for transporting the digital scale or just storing your scale when not in use to lessen the chance of damage to the precision measurement weigh sensor. Whether the scale is turned On or Off if one applies an excessive load or shocks the platform you can permanently damage any scale. The optional EJ-12 case is a low cost scale insurance policy to protect your scale.

What is a weighing underhook and how is the underhook installed and used with a digital electronic scale? We hope the video above will answer all those questions.

In the video above we show the EK6100J, with optional EKW-07i weigh below weighing underhook and the optional EJ-08 Underhook is installed on the EJ2000 or EJ1500 works in similar fashion. The underhook is installed on the bottom of the scale by removing the beneath weighing port cover and screwing the optional underhook assembly into the threaded mounting hole.

By attaching the underhook to the bottom of the scale, large objects that would be difficult to load on the weighing pan can be weighed. Also, since electronic scales are affected by temperate and magnetism sample being weighed that are hot, cold and magnetic items should always be weighed using the below weighing underhook.

In addition, the density (specific gravity) of objects may be calculate by weighing a sample in air and then in weighing the same sample submerge in water or other liquids.

Gram 1500 x 0.1 g
Decimal Ounce 52.91 x 0.01 oz
Decimal Pound n/a
Troy Ounce 48.23 x 0.01 ozt
Pennyweight 964.5 x 0.1 dwt
Carat n/a
Grain Unit 23148 x 2 GN
Counting Min unit weight 0.1 g
Max. Count 15,000 pcs
# of samples
5. 10, 25, 50 or 100 piece
Min. % display 0.1%
Linearity ± 0.1 g
Repeat./Std. Div. 0.1 g
Legal for Trade NO Only the EW-1500i, EW-12Ki, EK-600i, EK1200i, EK6000i and the
EK-12Ki are Legal For Trade.
Pan Size 5" x 5.5"
Tare Range To capacity by subtraction
Stabilization Time 1 Second (typically)
Sensitivity Drift ± 20 ppm / ºC (10ºC ~ 30ºC / 50ºF ~ 86ºF)
Display Easy to read LCD display with backlit
Display Refresh 10 times per second
Operating Temperature -10ºC ~ 40ºC
14ºF ~ 104ºF RH less than 85%
Power AC Adapter, 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Battery operation (4 x AA not included)
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adapter
Optional Accessories Calibration mass, Carrying Case, RS232 interface, USB interface
Weight (Approx.) 1.1 kg / 2.5 lb
Cal. Mass (optional) 1500 g
What's included
AC adapter
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand AND
Capacity x Readability 1500 g x 0.1 g
Readability 0.1 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces
Functions Percentage and parts counting modes, full digital calibration, underhook weighing, specific gravity function, check weighing
Features Parts Counting
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction ABS Plastic Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, LCD Display, Strain Gauge Weigh Sensor
Calibration External - requires purchase of OPTIONAL 1500 g calibration mass
Communication Optional RS-232 module can be purchased, Optional USB module can be purchased
Power Requirements battery NOT included, 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 5

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