Precision weighing balance scale Precision Weighing Balances in house brand from OEM manufacturer, offers low cost and high quality digital scales including PWB-V700 veterinary scale, ECS counting scales, PWBWS wash resistant scale, PWBCS low cost counting scale, or the EPB precision digital scale for all your weighing needs.

These digital scales offer repeatable weighing results and sold substantial less than competitor brands since we eliminated all the middleman and marketing overhead. These scales are basically factory direct prices from the factories in China to you. When you sell direct that HUGE marketing budget and sales force expense is eliminated and the price of the scale becomes much more affordable.

Our disposable aluminum moisture pans are made in the USA and fit many of the most popular moisture analyzers from Adamlab, Mettler, Sartorius, Ohaus and Denver Instruments.

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  • 700 lb x 0.2 lb

    PWB V700 Vet Scale

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