PS200L Freight Scale

200 lb x 0.2 lb

Siltec PS200L digital freight scale offers 200 pound weighing capacity and 0.2 resolution. Great for light freight weighing or personal weighing needs.

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The Siltec PS200L has been discontinued by Siltec and no longer in production. We have no remaining stock and will not be getting anymore since the PS200L is no longer being manufactured.

Alternative platform scales with a weighing capacity of at least 200 pounds to consider would be
400 Pound digital scale, Healthometer 498KL digital scale, CAS PB-300 Scale Legal for Trade, Floor weighing scale FG150KBM, Adam CPWplus150M Weighing Scale, Ohaus D51P150HX5 Defender 5000 or Weigh South WS300L10 Industrial Scale.

Information on this web page is for reference only for our past customer's that purchased this digital scale and want to review the specification. If you need assistance selecting an alternative model give us a call at 978-521-7095 and a digital scale expert can assist in alternative models.

The Siltec PS200L offers 200 pound weighing capacity with 0.2 pound accuracy. Need to weigh in kg? With a press of the weigh mode button you have 90.7kg x 0.1kg.

This is a durable and economical bench scale ideal for shipping and receiving. Low profile design allows cartons to slide easily onto the weighing platform.

The slanted display is easy to read whether sitting or standing. Weights are displayed in with the large bright red LED 4 digits (0.6" high) and unmistakably readable.

The PS200L comes standard with AC Adapter and built in battery charger. The unit can also operate on six AA size nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries not included.

The entire Siltec line features a heavy duty scale base construction with a reinforced dual top platform design versus the flimsy construction found in most office superstores. In addition, the indicator is aluminum with two plastic end caps verses the ones in the office supplies stores are typically all plastic.

Siltec scales are NOT Legal For Trade (NTEP/Type III approved) and should not be used in weighing applications where goods (i.e. fruits & vegetable) are sold by weight. We offer a large selection of Legal for Trade scales to comply with weight & measures inspector's requirements.

CAPACITY: (pounds) 200.0 lbs
READABILITY: (pounds) 0.2 lbs
CAPACITY: (kilograms) 90.7 kg
READABILITY: (kilograms) 0.1 kg
TARE RANGE: To capacity by subtraction
OVERLOAD INDICATION: Display indicates "EEEE" when weight exceeds full capacity
DISPLAY TYPE: Large Red LED 4 digits with " - " sign, digit height 0.6 "
POWER REQUIREMENTS: A.C. adapter included or 6 AA batteries
PLATFORM SIZE: 12.25" x 12"
(h) x (w) x (d)
12.0" x 12.4" x 2.4"
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Siltec
Capacity x Readability 200 lb x 0.2 lb
Readability 0.2 lb
Weight Modes Pounds, KiloGrams
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction Steel Housing Base, LED Display, Strain Gauge Weigh Sensor
Calibration External - requires purchase of OPTIONAL calibration mass
Communication no communication port
Platform size (inches) 12 x 12
Power Requirements battery NOT included, 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 1

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