Sartorius GC2502 Milligram Balance

500 g x 0.001 g

Sartorius GC2502 Milligram Balance

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MSRP: $2,295.00

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Crack, smash and you save cash.  This GC2502 glass door cracked in transit and Sartorius replaced the glass door and now we have it for you to buy as a demo unit.   The GC2502 milligram balance meets the manufacturer specifications and is calibrated by factory trained Sartorius technician prior to shipping to you.  The balances has all the original packing material and operation manual, but the box will show signs that it was shipped before since it was returned to Sartorius for repair.  There was no damage to the weigh sensor and the glass door only broken since an insert was missing.  The balance is really brand new, but this the milligram balance was sold before and the glass door was replaced so Sartorius has to sell the balance as used.  Sartorius classifies this balance as DQE - Demo Quality Excellent.  Demo balances carry a limited 12 month manufacturer warranty while new balances have a 3 year warranty.

Compare all the features and specifications and you'll have a hard time to matching the value the Sartorius GC2502 provides to meet your weighing needs and the deep discount prices we offer.  Can't decide whether to buy Sartorius or Mettler.  We can help you decide very fast by offering you 500 grams weighing capacity with 1 milligram readability.  Call Mettler and see what they want for 500g x 1g and we doubt it will be anything near the Sartorius GC2502.

High performance carat scale well suited for office, workshop, and production applications.  Weigh 2500 carats with 0.005 carat readability or 15 other weighing modes like 500 grams with 1 milligram readability .  Standard equipped with the GC2502 is an RS-232C data interface for connecting the scale to a PC or printer, removable glass draft shield.  External calibration only and Sartorius includes the 200 gram class 1 calibration mass at no additional charge.  This is a beautiful balance made in Germany and perfect for any lab and a price you can't pass up.  Similar to the motto location, location, location for real estate with the name Sartorius it is synonymous with quality, Quality, QUALITY.

The GC2502 is the ultimate milligram balances for the lapidary marketplace.  The GC2502 has very similar features to the Sartorius CP423S but sold for hundreds less.  Basically, the gem market place is extremely price sensitive market sector verses the laboratory marketplace so Sartorius developed the GC2502 with a special price to meet the pricing requirements for the jewelry marketplace.  Whether your weighing diamonds or chemical compounds the GC2502 weighs from 0 to 2500 carats (0-500 grams) weighing capacity in 0.005 carats (1mg) intervals. .

The GC2502 produces steady readings using the high stability mode and the unique Sartorius weighing system even if the environmental conditions are not ideal for precision weighing.  The Double Lever System, or DLS, for short based on its special force transmission design.  With this patented system, Sartorius sets the technological standards ­ for the new millennium.  Patented, this new "small" system is cut from a single block of a special, highly rugged aluminum alloy using high-speed 21st century milling technology.  The double lever principle offers two decisive advantages: the design in the area of the pan linkage is highly resistant to mechanical stress and therefore has exceptionally high mechanical stability, and the system is about half the size of the monolithic block cell, allowing for a smaller footprint.  Like the monolithic weigh cell, it is cut from a single block of aluminum and no screw fasteners are needed between functional parts.  This keeps the system less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, and with fewer parts there is less chance of failure.

Review all the technical specifications on the GC2502 here .

All used balances are pending availability.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Used
Capacity x Readability 500 g x 0.001 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces, KiloGrams
Functions Averaging, Formulation, Percent Weighing
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction Solid Diecast Metal Base Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, Magnetic Force Motor Monolithic Weigh Cell
Calibration External with 200g mass included
Communication RS-232, Aftermarket DB9 RS-232 Adapter Converter with USB Cable can be purchased
Platform size (inches) 4.3 diameter
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 1
Additional info Large blue backlit display can be adjusted to user's preference

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