Sartorius CPA2P Microbalance

500 mg x 1 ug

Sartorius CPA2P microbalance micro range affordable precision balance offers 0-500mg x1 microgram and 500mg-2000mg x 5 micrograms. Polyrange allows high resolution with heavy tare containers.

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Free shipping UPS Ground in the lower 48 states. Affordable and easy to Use Microbalance - Sartorius newest microbalance combining affordability with precision in the micro ranges for the 1st time.  Sartorius innovative CPA Series body style incorporating the highly advanced mechatronic monolithic weigh cell technology yields fast, repeatable, stable and accurate results.

Polyrange allows high resolution (0.5g) with heavier tare containers.  The Polyrange offers greater readability for smaller sample weights.  Here's how it works - In the high resolution mode and your weighing samples between 0 to 0.5 grams the CPA2P display will increment in 0.001mg intervals.  When the capacity on the platform is in the range of 0.5 to 1g the display resolution will increment in 0.002mg intervals.  Finally if your weighing samples 1 to 2 g the display resolution will increment in 0.005 mg intervals.  So as the weighing capacity increase the display resolution decreases.  No matter how the balance is used the total cumulative weighing capacity on the weighing platform can never exceed 2 grams.

Standard built-in motorized calibration weight insures the greatest precision at a touch of the button.  If the ambient temperature fluctuates outside of a user-defined range or after a preprogrammed time interval, the isoCAL function will automatically perform internal calibration and adjustments at regular intervals with consistently high accuracy.  Unique all glass draft shield with smooth-action doors makes using the CPA2P fast and easy to use.  The special stainless steel filter pan and rotatable cover virtually eliminates static electricity and enables faster loading of filters. Tactile keypad, standard RS-232 interface for connection to a Sartorius Printer, PC or automated system.  Large (0.65 inch) easy-to-read backlit display with extra large digits lessens the chance of recording an incorrect weight.  Built-in application programs include counting, percent weighing, net-total formulation, animal weighing and mass unit conversion by toggling between 2 units. Professional laboratory weighing with new standards in design & performance is here.

Capacity x Readability
Poly Range

0 - 0.5 g x 0.001 mg

0.5 - 1 g x 0.002 mg

1 - 2 g x 0.005 mg


 ± 0.001 / 0.002 / 0.003 mg


 ± 0.002 / 0.004 / 0.005 mg

Response Time(avg)

10 seconds

Tare Range FULL to Capacity
Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, Gn, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, and MS.
Selectable Applications Mass unit conversion by toggling, tare memory, net total, weighing in percent, counting, averaging
Display Update

0.1-0.4 seconds depended upon filter level selected


LCD with backlit

Internal Calibration

isoCAL - Motorized Internal Calibration

Pan Size

Ø 0.8 in

W x D x H

213 x 342 x 150 mm
8.4 x 13.5 x 5.9 in

RS-232 Interface


AC Power Source

AC Adapter 120 VAC

Standard Equipment

120V AC Adapter, RS-232 port

Optional Accessories

Printer, RS-232 cable, WinWedge data transfer software, foot switch for taring

What's included
AC Adapter
User Manual
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Sartorius
Capacity x Readability 500 mg x 1 ug
Capacity x Readability (dual range) 500-2000 mg x 5 ug
Readability 0.000001 g
Readability 2 0.000005 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces
Functions Averaging, Formulation, Percent Weighing
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c, Internal Calibration
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction Solid Diecast Metal Base Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, Magnetic Force Motor Monolithic Weigh Cell
Calibration Motorized automatic internal calibration
Communication RS-232, Aftermarket DB9 RS-232 Adapter Converter with USB Cable can be purchased
Platform size (inches) 0.8 diameter
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 2
Additional info Entry-level micro balance that offers incomparable value for money

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