Moisture balance borosilicate glass fiber pads

200 glass fiber pads for use with all Sartorius MA Models, a non-hydrophilic, non-water binding, binder free glass fiber pad.

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Filter, glass fiber pad for use with moisture analyzers. (1 box - 200 pad per box), a non-hydrophilic (non-water binding) binder free glass fiber pad. Glass fiber pads conveniently hold liquid or semi-solid samples for moisture determination. These fiber pads work with the following moisture analyzers - Adam Equipment (AMB Series, PMB202, PMB53), Mettler (MJ33, HB43-S, HG63, HR83 ,HX204, HS153, HC103, HE53 and HE73 equivalent to Mettler Toledo part number HA-F1) Sartorius (MA30, MA35, MA37, MA45, MA50, MA100. MA150, MA160) SARTORIUS OMNIMARK (Mark2, Mark 3 HP, Mark 3 LTE - our filter pads are an equivalent to Sartorius' part number 69MA0325), Ohaus (MB23, MB25, MB27, MB35, MB45, MB90, MB120 our pad is equivalent to Ohaus part number 80850087) Denver (IR35, IR-60, IR120) and HFT-2000 Glass fiber pads distribute the heat better, prevents skinning over (this is when bubbles form). The fiber pads are binder-free borosilicate glass fiber and therefore contain no binders (no foreign materials) or inert. Slurry samples or when test times are long the sample skins over, bubbles up or splatters when the moisture testing is running, we recommend using filter pads with the moisture pans. For testing liquids the pads are a must. Place the moisture pan and pad on the moisture balance, adjust the setting time to zero so the moisture analyzer is in auto mode and run the test with no sample on the pad. Many times the fiber pads can hold up to 2% moisture and this preps the pan and fiber pad to be moisture free and only takes typically 1 minute with most moisture analyzer. Now with the dry filter pads if you are working with a liquidity substance 70% water or more place the sample with an eye dropper, syringe or pipette is a spiral pattern and then cover with the filter pad. For slurries and anything with bumps and chucks like corn slurry we recommend using two pads making like a sandwich (bottom pad - test sample - top pad). Place the pan on the moisture balance and then place one pad on your table and then using a syringe or spoon apply the sample to the pad in a spiral pattern and now cover with a second pad. Slightly squish the sandwich you just made to break up any chucks and the filter pads will absorb the moisture. Now place the two pads with your sample sandwiched in-between and run your test. You'll find more consistent and repeatable rest using the two pads.
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1 box containing 200 pads