Sartorius YDK01LP Density Kit

Sartorius YDK01LP Density Determination Kit. Determine the specific gravity of solids and also liquids using the glass plummet.

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How to use density kit
YDK01LP User Manual
Sartorius Density Kit (software not included)

Sartorius Part # YDK01LP works with ED124S and ED224S Sartorius Analytical Balances,also works with GK1203 or GK703 jewelry balances.

The density kit replaces the weighing platform. The difference in weight is about 60 grams. So if you are using the density kit with an analytical balance with a maximum weighing capacity of 120 gram the heaviest sample you can use with the density kit is 60 grams.

The Archimedean principle is applied for determining the specific gravity of a solid with this measuring device:

A solid immersed in a liquid is subjected to the force of buoyancy. The value of this force is the same as that of the weight of the liquid displaced by the volume of the solid.

With a hydrostatic balance which enables you to weigh a solid in air as well as in water, it is possible to: determine the specific gravity of a solid if the density of the liquid causing buoyancy is known.

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