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Sartoureus LA5200D Balance

Sartoureus LA5200D Balance

1010 g x 0.001 g

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Availability: Discontinued

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Quick Overview

LA5200D Sartorius laboratory balance reads to 0.001 gram weighing up to 1010 grams and readst o 0.01 gram weighing between 1010 and 5200 grams.

Product Description

LA5200D dual range balances weigh 0 - 1010 g x 0.001 g or 1010 g - 5200 g x 0.01 g depending on the weight of the load on the balance.  These balances will only weigh to the nearest milligram when the load is below 1010 grams.  Once you exceed 1010 grams, your resolution decreases down to 0.01 grams.

Sartorius Master Pro Series milligram balances offer outstanding weighing specifications based on monolithic technology.  It has been said that this proprietary monolithic weigh cell manufactured by Sartorius sets technological and metrological benchmarks.  This robotically etched weigh cell is extremely resistant to temperature interference giving you precise weight readings even in changing climates.  These Sartorius milligram balances offer high resolutions and a stable, consistent repeatability specification ensuring perfect weighing results, every time, all the time. 

LA Series milligram balances from Sartorius are available in many different capacities and resolutions.  Whether you need an analytical balance, milligram balance, precision balance, or high capacity balance, Sartorius balances have what you are looking for.  Not only do these lab balances come in 30 different models, but they also come in 5 different designs.  Each toploader balance uses the design most appropriate for its weighing applications.

Make the most accurate weighing decisions with the help of an advanced milligram balance from Sartorius.  Its highly innovative weigh cells, combined with the most advanced electronics and microcomputer technology ensures highly accurate weighing results at the fastest response times.


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