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Tanita 1481 super mini scale

Tanita 1481 super mini scale

200 g x 0.1 g

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Quick Overview

Tanita 1481 super mini digital scale offers 200 grams weight capacity with 0.1 gram readability. Modern elliptical shape and flip open cover come standard.

Product Description

Brand new Tanita® 1481 mini scale found in specialty shops for $200, but we have them for a low price of $129.95.  This mini pocket scale's shape is small and is one of the thinnest scales sold and offers a contemporary elliptical shape with a raised hinge allowing the cover to flip open similar to a cell phone.  The Tanita® 1481 replaces Tanita's discontinued 1220 mini scale which is no longer in production.

Tanita® is synonymous for the highest quality digital pocket scales in the world.  The finest quality equipment always costs more and there is no way one can attempt to comparison shop a fragile strain gauge scale made in China verses the high quality patented capacitance weigh sensor found in this made in Japan Tanita® pocket scale 1481.  Similar to the finest restaurants in the world the Tanita® 1481 is an exquisite design, engineering marvel and attention to detail is never overlooked with Tanita.  Sleek design, super thin, reliable, durable, lightweight, and the hinged lift up protective cover insures the weighing platform isn't exposed to excessive load when the scale is in your shirt pocket.

Whether you're a jeweler or treasurer hunter weighing small pieces of gold or silver the Tanita® 1481 will weigh it right.  The Tanita® 1481 mini scale weighs in grams, ounces, pennyweight and troy ounces so we can weigh your scrap findings in multiple weigh modes with a press of the button.  How could anyone ever take a risk weighing valuable metals on some made in China pocket scale selling for some crazy price like $14.95.  Remember the adage - "you pay for what you get" and this is especially true with pocket scales.

Law Enforcement like the small size of the Tanita® 1481 to weigh small quantities of narcotics at the crime scenes before sending off the marijuana, cocaine to the state crime labs where most courts require contraband to be weighed on a Legal for Trade scale like the A&D EK1200i, GF-200P or HR-60.  The problem is most legal for trade scales are big and bulky and require the scale to be plugged into a power receptacle.  The Tanita® 1481 sleek pocket scale design allows a state trooper, US Customs Agent, DEA or other law enforcement agent to weigh the narcotics on the hood of the cruiser to see if the amount of drug exceeds the state law's where it is a felony verses the individual in custody saying, "there is just a little there for my personal use".

You can only purchase the 1481 using PayPal (click to learn more about Paypal).  NO PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED.  Using Paypal allows us to process your order quickly enabling us to offer you the deep discount prices internet buyers demand.   Ships via US Priority Mail anywhere in the USA for $9.95.


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