Sartorius Cubis MSA2.7S0TRDM ultra-micro balance

2.1 g x 0.1 ug

Sartorius Cubis MSA2.7S ultra-micro balance features modular Cubis design and a resolution of 21 million digits, with a weighing capacity of 2.1g and 0.1 microgram readability.

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Correct Use & Handling of Microbalances
Sartorius Cubis ultra microbalance brochure
Precision weighing for the smallest sample sizes. Sartorius Cubis MSA2.7S000DM ultra-micro balance has a weighing capacity of 2.1 grams and increments in 0.1 microgram divisions a features a TouchScreen display.

High precision requirements of analytical testing and quantitative analyses in the pharmaceutical industry make the use of high-resolution balances indispensable. FDA-compliant work is only possible with laboratory balances that meet the minimum accuracy requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. This leads to the fact that, for weighing-in of less than 10 mg, microbalances or even ultra microbalances often need to be used.

Highest level of reliability and standard conformity

Substances to be analyzed in the pharmaceutical industry are often available only in very small quantities and are therefore expensive. Alternatively, they are so potently effective that only minimum quantities can be worked with, so as not to endanger the user. Cubis microbalances and ultra microbalances fulfill the most stringent requirements. They offer the user the highest level of safety in terms of result reliability and standard conformity.

Sartorius MSA display offers top-of-the-line technology and information design. Touch screen featuring high-resolution color TFT for high-contrast display of texts and graphics. Outstanding operating convenience and display quality, especially for complex applications that require substantial text input. The optimal features and equipment to meet the very highest requirements, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.

The first choice for measuring the smallest sample quantities anywhere. Sartorius brings uncompromising quality in weighing technology to its new generation of Cubis microbalances. This micro balance combine fast response times with high repeatability when weighing the smallest of samples. Sartorius micros deliver results that meet the requirements of quality management systems everywhere and weigh with ultra-fast response times.

With a stabilization time of only 10 seconds, combined with resolution over the entire weighing ranges from 0.1 μg to 2.1 g Sartorius is the standard to be measured by in microbalances.

Microbalances by Sartorius offer "Intelligent" draft shield for easy weighing. With the "intelligent learning function", the motorized draft shield can be adapted to any work routine at the press of a key. It works when you want it to and not the other way around. A special conductive coating on the glass prevents the build-up of static electricity. All draft shield components can be removed from the balance for fast and easy cleaning.

The "isoCAL" function for fully automatic calibration and adjustment ensures consistently high accuracy and provides ISO/GLP-compliant user definable documentation and calibration record memory.

The SQmin function can be used to monitor minimum initial sample weight in accordance with USP standards.

Install a ultra-micro and micro balances in quiet, temperature and humidity controlled, draft-free location is of paramount importance. Finding a location in cleanroom can many times be challenging due to laminar air flow. So before even considering purchasing a high precision laboratory balance you should consider the area you want to install the microbalance since if your environment is not ideal you don't have a defective microbalance but a defective environment. You can read more about selecting a location of your lab balance here.

A solid balance table or marble slab is recommended to eliminate the surface the microbalance is installed on to prevent bending and any flexing. The weighing table should also be decoupled from the environment with an additional layer of shock-absorbing material such as rubber or cork to lessen sensitive to shock and vibrations. Wooden tables have some degree of flexure and typically unsuitable to attain repeatable consistent weighing results with a microbalance. Marble tables should not only have a marble top but also marble legs and these tables typically weigh several hundred pounds and cost well over $1000 and installation and freight will also be costly. Please consider these issues are additional costs and many times required for the microbalance to perform to the capabilities of the precision weighing instrument.

Controlling temperature changes is the most critical environmental condition that you must control and has the most serious affect on the performance of your microbalance. Temperature effects of even a difference of 1°C can cause sensitivity and zero point to shift. Although some people might say zero point drift can be resolved by taring the microbalance sensitivity drift will introduce systematic error. Sensitivity drift for the Sartorius MSA2.7S0TRDM is stated at ± 1 ppm / K. " K " is parts per million per °C rise in temperature. So if the temperature changes by 1°C you can expect 1 microgram change. Since the MSA2.7 has readability to 0.1 µg just a 1°C temperature change will affect the microbalance by 10 divisions 1.0 µg. A temperature change of 2°C might not sound like a lot but if you placed a sample of 0.0001000 grams (a tenth of a milligram) a difference of 2°C will affect the observed weight of 0.0001000 gram mass by up to 2 micro grams. So instead the the microbalance reading 0.0001000 grams it could display between 0.0001020 grams to 0.0000980 grams. That is a lot of error just over a temperature change of 2°C and the lighter the sample the more significant the error.

Once you have an adequate environment installing the microbalance isn't difficult, but for those customers wishing for professional installation it is available at an additional cost. Please call us at 978-521-7095 for current prices for these services, but the average cost is $425 in the lower 48 states of the USA plus travel and expenses. IQ/OQ testing is also available for an average cost of $875 plus travel and expenses.

Low humidity conditions tend to promote static electricity and causes havocs with your weight readings. Air conditioning removes moisture from air and can be one of the culprits to your static issues. Weighing samples in plastic, glass or Teflon containers can also contribute to static issues. We offer a large selection of disposable microbalance weigh dishes and always recommend the use of these aluminium pans to lessen the chance static can affect your weighing results.

Sartorius Cubis MSA2.7S0TRDM is a pre-configured model that Sartorius USA tries to keep in stock. If Sartorius USA has no stock the typical lead time of 6-8 weeks to order from Germany. Please call us at 978-521-7095 so we can check availability.

Purchasing a micro balance is an extremely costly purchase and sometime even more expensive is creating the proper environment. If you have any technical questions or want to check availability give the balance experts at Precision Weighing Balances a call at 978-521-7095.

Free shipping in the lower 48 states for the MSA2.7S0TRDM ultra micro balance.

Capacity x Readability
(grams x µg)
2.1 g x 0.1 µg
Repeatability, micrograms 0.25 µg
Linearity, micrograms ± 0.9 µg
Corner Load (mg)*
(Test Load [g])
± 2.5 mg (1 g)
Minimum Sample Weight (mg) Typically 1 mg minimal initial weighing according to USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), USP31-NF26
Tare Range FULL to Capacity
Stabilization Time (avg) < 7 seconds
Response Time (avg) < 10 seconds
Sensitivity Drift
± 1 ppm / K
Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS and parts per pound
Display Update 0.1 – 0.4 seconds
(Depends on The Filter Level Selected)
Display High Resolution color TFT, 5.7" graphic display
Operation Touch Screen, Keys for main basic functions
Adjustment of the display and control unit Display tilts; Control unit and display detachable
8 Selectable Application Programs Unit conversion, isoCAL automatic calibration/adjustment function, density determination (buoyancy method only), calculations, averaging, net/total formulation, weighing in percent, counting
10 Additional Selectable Application Programs SQmin function for minimum initial weight according to USP, individual identifiers, statistics, time-controlled functions, totalizing, DKD measurement uncertainty, second tare memory, checkweighing, alibi memory, audit trail
Allowable Ambient Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F),
80 % for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50 % relative humidity for 40°C
Motorized Internal Calibration Yes
External Calibration 2 g Class 1 (not included)
Weighing Pan Size ø 20 mm / 0.78 inches
Draft Shield Height 70 mm / 2.76 inches
Protection Protected against dust and water
Standard interface ports USB (built into weighing module), RS-232C port for connecting accessories - 25-pin (built into weighing module)
Ethernet port Yes - built into display and control unit
SD Card Reader Yes - Built into display and control unit
Control Unit Dimensions WxDxH 9.4" x 12.7" x 3.5"
240 x 323 x 88 mm
Weigh Unit Dimensions WxDxH 5.2" x 13.4" x 4.7"
132 x 340 x 121 mm
Power Source AC Adapter 120 VAC included with scale
Standard Equipment 120V AC Adapter, level indicator, adjustable feet, RS-232 and USB interface, hanger for weigh below, manual
Optional Accessories Data printer for connection to RS-232, 25-pin RS232C data interface cable, SartoCollect software for data transfer, Cal-Pak 3 piece calibration weight set 2g, 200mg, 1mg
Warranty 2 years manufacturer's warranty
What's included
120V AC Adapter
User Manual
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Sartorius
Capacity x Readability 2.1 g x 0.1 ug
Readability 0.0000001 g
Weight Modes Carats, Grains, Milligrams, Pounds, Ounces, Pennyweight, Grams, Troy Ounces, KiloGrams
Functions Averaging, Formulation, Percent Weighing
Features Parts Counting, RS-232c, Internal Calibration, USB, Ethernet
Legal for Trade No Legal for Trade
Construction Solid Diecast Metal Base Housing, Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, Magnetic Force Motor Monolithic Weigh Cell
Calibration Motorized automatic internal calibration
Communication RS-232, USB, Ethernet
Platform size (inches) 0.8 diameter
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Manufacturer Warranty (years) 2
Additional info Sartorius Cubis MSA2.7S0TRDM ultra microbalance weighs small weigh loads to very high precision.
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