USB Sartorius Cable

USB Sartorius Cable allows you to connect your Sartorius RS232 Balance to your USB computer.

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YOU PAY: $179.00

"We did not invent the product, but we made it better" is a famous quote from BASF and we feel the same with our new RS-232 to USB converter kit for Sartorius Balances exclusively found only at Precision Weighing Balances.Your source for deep discount prices, operator of the world's most informative website at dedicated to balances, scales and weighing accessories and your Authorized Sartorius Dealer.

The balance and scale industry seems to lag the technology curve so we went searching to give our customer the products they ask for - a balance with a USB port at a reasonable price.

Many of the balance manufacturers are out of touch with the times and have their balances designed with a standard RS-232 port to interface the balance with a PC.The problem is almost every laptop comes outfitted with a USB port and not a serial RS-232 port. Those computer gurus savvy enough to deal with integrating a serial device attached to a PC always needed to deal with IRQ conflicts. Choose USB and say goodbye to IRQ and Com port conflicts.

Our RS-232 to USB converter kit follows the business philosophy. Deliver the goods the customer wants even if you need to work outside of the box and find another vendor to supply the components to make things happen.; Of course the solution also has to incorporating KISS (keep it simple stupid). Yes - USB is the easiest way to interface a peripheral with a PC.

Sartorius now has a USB cable - Sartorius YCC01-USBM2 USB Cable so you don't need to daisy chain two cables.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Sartorius
Additional info Requires you to load a driver on your computer to emulate USB

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