USED PS60 Shipping Scale

150 lb x 0.05 lb

Used Mettler Toledo PS60 scale has 150 pound weighing capacity with 0.05 pound readability, however they are sold out.

Availability: SOLD no longer available

MSRP: $499.00

YOU PAY: $119.95

You save $379.05

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This scale is SOLD OUT! Only the new PS60 scales are available. If we get any more, we'll add them to the website.

Everyone knows the Mettler Toledo PS60 being used as a shipping scale, but with this horrendous economy we are seeing local farmers using the scale as an alternative to the expensive price computing scales. Sure a price computing scale is better to sell produce, but a used PS60 and a hand calculator or paper and pencil if you are good at math is a lot cheaper than say a Ohaus RE30US Retail Price Scale costing $332.50. For those farmer's thinking about using the PS60 to weigh pumpkins, potatoes, peaches, etc you must remember the PS60 will ONLY work on direct AC power(means you need to plug the scale in a wall socket). The PS60 DOES NOT run off of batteries.

The USED Mettler Toledo PS60 scale is the ideal choice for PC-Based carrier shipping systems. We also have USED PS60 with the USB interface with either the ABS platter for $149.95 or the Stainless Steel platter for $169.95. We calibrate every used Mettler Toledo PS60 Scale to be 100% sure every used Mettler PS60 worked perfectly fine prior to leaving our facility. These used scales are in good shape and should offer many, many years of accurate weighing. Since a brand new PS60 is so much more $$ it truly is ridiculous to buy new when you can buy used and save a barrel of cash.

The USED PS60 digital shipping scales we are selling on this web page come only with a RS-232 interface for connecting to your computer. You get the PS60 and AC Adapter, but you'll need to buy your own RS-232 serial cable at the local department store or computer store. We configure each PS60 for definition 4 which is for communication with UPS Worldship. If you want to use the PS60 for FED EX, DHL or other shipping manifest software programs you will need to change the definition profile and these instructions are in the user manual. If you need a user manual download and print it HERE since we don't include a manual when we ship out your used Mettler PS60 digital scale.

Many drop off shipping centers use a program called iShip and the definition setting for this is "def 7" even though the Mettler manual does not list this in their manual. iShip is used by most Mail Boxes Etc and The UPS Store both are owned by United Parcel Service (UPS). Many other franchise mail and parcel centers use the iShip Counter Manifest System since it allows for shipping packages with different carriers.

Check you computer prior to ordering if you want to connect the scale to your computer since many new computers no longer come standard with a serial RS-232 com port. If your computer only has USB ports then you will not be able to interface the scale with your PC, but instead use the USED PS60 as a stand alone scale.

All this take about definition profiles and configuration might be confusing you. You can eliminate this confusing by purchasing the USED Mettler PS60 with USB since all PS60 models with USB are automatically recognized with plugged into the computers USB port.

Every USED PS60 is tested and calibrate prior to shipping. This is truly a great buy and these USED PS60 have many, many more years of accurate weighing provided you don't abuse and overload the weighing platform.

Read more about the USED PS60 here.

Capacity 150 lb x 0.05 lb / 60 kg x 0.02 kg
Legal for Trade YES
Base Dimensions,
W x D
11.8 in x 13.8 in
Height (including platter) 3.2 in (8.0 cm)
Platter Material Impact Resistant ABS
Display Type Liquid Crystal (LCD) 0.5 in high digits (12.7 mm)
Display Mount Base mount with 13 inch cable
Power Supply AC Adapter with 6 foot cable INCLUDED. Please note this scale does not run off of batteries and must always be plugged into an AC outlet.
USB Interface RS-232 ONLY - if you need used BUY THIS SCALE
RS232 Interface Yes - The RS-232 cable is NOT INCLUDED.  You'll need to buy the RS-232 cable from a local computer store.
Accuracy NTEP COC# 95-165 A1, Canadian approval AM-5120, CE (OIML) approval T2879 for 3000d single range Class III parcel scale
Platter Material Options Stainless steel platter or Steel Roller-Top
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Mettler Toledo
Capacity x Readability 150 lb x 0.05 lb
Readability 0.05 lb
Weight Modes Pounds, KiloGrams
Features Legal For Trade, RS-232c
Legal for Trade Yes Legal for Trade
Construction ABS Plastic Weighing Pan, LCD Display, Strain Gauge Weigh Sensor, Metal Frame
Calibration External - requires purchase of OPTIONAL calibration mass
Communication RS-232
Platform size (inches) 11.8 x 13.8
Power Requirements 120V AC Adapter included
Additional info RS-232 cable is NOT INCLUDED. You'll need to buy the RS-232 cable from a local computer store.

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